Waddlers Room

(12 Months to 24 months)

This room is designed to accommodate for 12 children aged 1-2 years. Once we feel your child has outgrown the baby room we will help them waddle their way into the waddler room where they will have a whole new world opened up to them. In this room, we will help your child develop social relationships which will enable their sense of self-esteem and confidence. Your child will begin to become more independent and feel a growing sense of achievement.

Activities set out in this room will meet the natural curiosity, growing energy and development. Some of the skills introduced in this room are:

  • Sensory and tactile skills developed in our malleable area

  • Gross motor skills covered in outdoor activities

  • Communication and language developed in the role play area, small word and investigation tray

  • Personal, social and emotional development which will be developed in all areas of the room


The outdoor area is fully equipped with apparatus and resources to ensure quality development of skills. Children will also be able to dig, plant and grow fruit and vegetables in our gardening section throughout the year.

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