Babies Room

(6 weeks to 12 months)

This is where it all begins!

Our baby room is designed to cater for 12 babies with the age range of 6 weeks-1 year. At this very important phase of their life’s babies are exploring the world around them using their whole bodies and all their senses. Our room is well equipped with resources to stimulate and develop your child’s senses. The soft environment of the room provides babies with a chance to crawl, roll, shuffle and wriggle their way around the room. There are baby changing facilities and a sleeping area for the babies to ensure that staff doesn’t need to leave the room and are supervising the children at all time.

In order to develop their gross motor skills, babies need to be given an opportunity to their whole bodies. Just like adults’ babies also have a goodnight sleep when they’ve had a chance to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. This is why our babies have access to outdoor provision at regular intervals during the day. The outdoor area is cushioned with AstroTurf to keep our little ones safe whilst they explore the outdoors.

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