Our Environment:

   At Early Days Day Nursery, we believe that a classroom is not just an indoor room, but any environment which educates the child and hence the nursery is divided into the rooms that are age appropriate at the same time suitable for the various activities we offer.

   Some of our highlights include specially designed baby room with a sleeping cot, separate baby outdoor large play space with messy play area, a biking area and mud kitchen.

   The Early Days Day Nursery environment strives to be safe, secure and stimulating.

   At Early Days Day Nursery, we have four separate rooms including wellbeing room to meet the needs and developmental requirements of each child at different stages of their journey with us.

Early Days Day Nursery classrooms are divided by age groups as follows:

 1. Baby Room: 6 week – 24 months. 

 2. Toddler Room: 2 years to 3 years.

 3. Preschool Room: 3 Years to above.

 4.Wellbeing Room.