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Our Environment


Baby Room Summary (6 weeks to 24 months)
Our Baby Room offers a nurturing space for infants up to 2 years, with comfortable sleeping arrangements and a black and white area to stimulate visual development. A carpeted play area and age-appropriate musical instruments are available to encourage exploration and auditory stimulation. Our experienced staff prioritise individual care and development, fostering a safe and stimulating environment for learning through play. We collaborate with parents to maintain routines that suit each child's needs.

Toddler Room Summary (24 to 36 Months)
Designed for children aged 2 to 3 years, our Toddler Room encourages exploration and development through a warm, spacious setting filled with natural light. The environment balances stimulation and calmness, with activities aimed at promoting physical, emotional, and social growth. Age-appropriate toys and a reading corner support imaginative play and literacy, while our outdoor play area caters to their energy levels. Our staff work closely with families to ensure personalised care during this crucial developmental stage.


Pre-School Summary (36 Months to 5 Years)
Our Pre-School Room is tailored for 3 to 5-year-olds, providing a stimulating environment that supports individual learning journeys. Equipped with diverse resources, the room encourages creativity, exploration, and independence. Structured activities complement child-led play, covering phonics, numeracy, and creativity, alongside physical activities for holistic development. Regular parent updates ensure involvement in their child's progress, and we facilitate a smooth transition to primary school.


Health and Well-Being Room
Our well-being and dining area focuses on promoting healthy eating and relaxation among all age groups. The space is designed to be bright, peaceful, and conducive to socialising. Children are encouraged to develop independent eating habits through child-friendly utensils and a balanced menu. The well-being space offers resources for relaxation and mindfulness activities, contributing to the physical and mental health of the children in our care.


Our nursery's garden provides a rich outdoor learning environment, with activities that foster physical development, sensory experiences, and a connection with nature. Children engage in gardening, explore wildlife, and enjoy various play equipment under careful supervision. We believe in the importance of outdoor play for comprehensive development and encourage a love for the outdoors, ensuring a balanced and nurturing experience for every child.

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