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Pre School

(From 36 Months to 5 Years old)

Our preschool room at our day nursery is designed to provide a stimulating and engaging learning environment for children aged between 3 and 5 years old. Our experienced and qualified staff work closely with each child to support their individual learning and development needs, helping them to reach their full potential.

The room is spacious and well-equipped, with a variety of learning resources that promote creativity, exploration and independence. We have a range of age-appropriate materials, including puzzles, music instruments, construction toys, and art supplies, which encourage children to explore and develop their cognitive and fine motor skills.

We also have a designated reading area, where children can explore books and develop their literacy skills. We have a wide selection of books and learning materials, which cater to different interests and reading levels.

In our preschool room, we provide a balance of child-led and adult-led activities, which help children develop their social, emotional and cognitive skills. We encourage children to take an active role in their learning, and provide opportunities for them to make choices and decisions.

Our experienced staff members plan and deliver a range of structured activities that support children's learning and development, including phonics, numeracy, and creative activities. We also provide opportunities for physical play, including outdoor activities and games, which promote gross motor skills and physical development.

We understand that each child develops at their own pace, and we work closely with parents to ensure that each child's individual needs are met. We provide regular feedback and progress reports to parents, so that they can be involved in their child's learning and development journey.

Our preschool room is a safe and supportive environment where children can develop their skills and interests, while building relationships with peers and adults. We hope that this description gives you a sense of what our preschool room is like, and we would be happy to answer any further questions you may have.


We have close links with the surrounding primary schools in the area and will work with your child's new school to ensure a smooth transition.

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