Pre School

(From 36 Months to 5 Years old)

Our pre-school intake of 3 years plus aged children is 32. By the time children reach three they have a more skilled approach towards play and exploration. Children will learn through a variety of child-initiated, adult initiated and adult led activities getting them ready for their transition to primary school.

The day in this room consists of a more structured routine with the use of a visual timetable to develop independence through the day. The children can choose from a arrange of learning activities set up in the different areas of the room and outdoor space. Children will take part in focus led activities every day. Some of these are:

  • Mathematics

  • Social and creative

  • Physical development

  • Phonics

  • Write dance

  • Mark making and writing opportunities

At this stage children are more comfortable with using toilets and have free access to go when they feel the need to under the supervision of a practitioner promoting personal hygiene routines and independence.

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