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Our FAQs

What Does My Child Need to Bring?
When preparing your child for a day at our nursery, remember to pack ample diapers and their preferred milk—formula or breast milk. Given the nature of our engaging and often messy play activities, including water play, an extra set of clothes is a must. For those navigating the exciting phase of toilet training, a few additional outfits could be very helpful. Weather-appropriate attire is also essential; warm clothes or waterproofs for cold days, and sun protection for the sunny ones. While comfort items like dummies or blankets are welcome, we advise against bringing toys from home to avoid any mix-ups.

How Should My Child Dress?
We advocate for comfort and practicality in your child's attire. Since our activities are hands-on and can sometimes get messy, it's best to avoid dressing them in expensive or cherished clothing that might get spoiled.

Are You Open During School Holidays?
Yes, our nursery is here for your family nearly all year round. We operate 51 weeks a year, taking a break only for Bank Holidays and the festive week between Christmas and New Year. Just so you know, even when we're closed for these Bank Holidays and the Christmas week, parents still need to pay for these holidays. For those on a 'funded only' basis, we align with standard term dates, which are available upon request from our staff.

Who is Allowed to Collect My Child?
Ensuring your child's safety is our priority. Upon joining, you'll provide a list of adults authorized to collect your child. In case of an emergency where an unlisted individual needs to collect your child, a call ahead to us with a password for the collector will ensure a smooth and secure handover.

Can My Child Attend When They're Unwell?
We understand that children may fall ill from time to time. While it's okay for children to attend with minor conditions like colds or during teething, we adhere to a strict exclusion policy for more serious, contagious illnesses to protect all children in our care. This policy is informed by NHS and HSE guidelines and is detailed in your admission pack, with copies available upon request.

What if I Need Extra Childcare Suddenly?
Life can be unpredictable, and we strive to support you through it. If you find yourself in need of additional childcare unexpectedly, please contact us. We'll do our best to accommodate your needs based on our capacity.

How and When Should I Pay the Fees?
Fee payments are due at the start of each month, and we accept both bank transfers and cash. You will receive your invoice in advance to facilitate timely and convenient payment arrangements.
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