Toddlers Room

(24 Months to 36 Months)

Children of 2-3 years old will be moved into this room. The capacity in here is 16 children. As we are all aware our toddlers take a huge step in their development at this stage of their lives. Children at this age are much more physically able, keen to explore and imitate the world around them. To enable toddlers to do this they need more time, space and freedom. Luckily for our toddlers our toddler room provides all of these. At this age children are also developing their social and communication skills by forming friendships with their peers.

We can all agree that toddlers are full of questions. A LOT of questions. However, these questions highlight areas of interest. These are then used to plan exciting activities to target the children’s interest and stimulate their curiosity.

Our toilets provided facilities to ease the transition from nappies to toilet training and make this journey as easy as possible for our toddlers.

Toddlers also have access to an outdoor area on regular intervals during the day. This also gives them access to the planting area.

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