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   Early Days Day Nursery curriculum is based on the Birth to Five Matters. This curriculum is designed to help your child gain self-confidence and self-esteem. It enhances children social, language, emotional and physical skills which also encourages children to develop with the staffs help by extending their learning.

   We aim to cultivate a child's natural desire for discovery and learning and to encourage them to be confident, independent and inquisitive in their adult led activities and independent play.

   The staff will help them most of all as they progress through their education. Children who are enjoying learning will always succeed. Children learn through exploring and experimenting and at the little academy the child chooses what they want to play with and the adult extends the learning by tapping into your child's interest.

​   Our nursery staff are focused on providing fun by helping your child to develop as an individual, whilst helping to nurture and encourage learning through discovery and enjoyment.

   We expect all our staff to engage in skilful and sensitive interactions to support a child's learning. This ensures that play opportunities, resources and interactions indoors and outdoors are appropriate to the level of competence and maturity of the child.
Positive Relationship with Parents
   At Early Days Day Nursery, we strongly believe that parents are our partners in their child’s education. We’re committed to making ourselves available to parents ‘whatever the weather’ and are always ready to assist with a smile.

   We use efficient lines of communicating with parents such as a EY Log online learning journal app, Email, phone calls and social media.
   We use the EY Log to ensure that every parent or carer can receive detailed information about their child’s daily routine.

   We send daily posts on Tapestry to our existing parents informing about the activities of the week and how they can prepare for the next week.

Staff Training
   At Early days day Nursery, we pride in our team of highly qualified, trained and passionate staff. Our team is our strength, our backbone. Our team makes the experience at Early Days Day Nursery special for both children and families.

   Children benefit immensely from spending quality time with qualified staff. All our staff are qualified and Wellcomm trained to deliver the Early Years curriculum and create Individual Education Plans for each child.

   Staff receive constant Professional Development Opportunities to enhance their skills. Our qualified team also possess First Aid certificates.


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