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Embracing Change: Navigating the New Era of Childcare Funding with Early Days Day Nursery

As of April 2024, the landscape of childcare in the UK is set to undergo significant transformations, particularly with the expansion of the 15-hour funding scheme. This initiative aims to make quality childcare more accessible and affordable for working families, starting with eligibility for parents of 2-year-olds to access 15 hours of childcare support. This support will progressively extend, with plans to include children from the age of 9 months up to school age by September 2025, offering up to 30 hours of childcare per week for eligible working parents​​.

Early Days Day Nursery is at the forefront of adapting to these changes, ensuring that our services align with the new funding provisions. We offer a vibrant, nurturing environment where children can explore, learn, and grow under the guidance of our dedicated childcare professionals. Our commitment to quality and flexibility makes us the ideal choice for families looking to make the most of the upcoming funding opportunities.

To be eligible for the expanded childcare support, parents need to demonstrate their entitlement, which can include showing proof of Tax-Free Childcare eligibility. The UK government has also committed to supporting the childcare sector through increased funding rates and start-up grants for new childminders, emphasizing the importance of quality childcare provision​​​​.

For families interested in applying for the 15-hour funding or seeking more information about the conditions tied to this support, we recommend visiting the official government website for childcare choices at Here, you can find detailed guidance on eligibility, how to apply, and the full range of support available to parents and guardians.

Early Days Day Nursery is ready to welcome your family and support your childcare needs in this new era. We invite you to learn more about how these funding changes can benefit your family and to consider us as your partner in providing quality early years education and care

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